V-Tech launches disinfection robots for the BeNeLux

14 oktober 2022

V-Tech is introducing the BooCax disinfecting robot technology for indoor air treatment.


BooCax Robotics, a high-tech enterprise, making full use of the indoor precise positioning and navigation technology of intelligent mobile robots to achieve the disinfection and improvement of indoor air quality.


Three series of products have been launched:                                

  • Spray Disinfection Robot Series (intelligent mobile air management)
  • UV Disinfection Robot Series (intelligent disinfection robots)
  • Plasma Air Sterilizing Series (intelligent mobile air management)


All which are widely used in medical institutions, transportation stations, hotels, office buildings, stadiums and factories to provide safety and epidemic prevention protection and improve environmental air quality.


Core Advantages:

  • Self-developed Laser SLAM navigation
  • Vslam for Visual Navigation
  • Multi-sensor fusion algorithm
  • Ultra-dry fog ultrasonic atomization technology


Excellent for local air treatment or rooms where no central air treatment systems are present.





For more information info@vtechholland.com www.boocax.com



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