Packaging Solutions

"Quality products require quality machines."


V-Tech Line machines offer you the best packaging solutions.


Do you have a new product or do you want to automate  an existing production line, increase your production capacity further or reduce your costs? We examine together with you to the best solution, the best match  with your process, your objective, your budget and your organization.

Together with you we are not only looking to the short term, but also your long term needs and search for the best machine.

In the development of a new product, we would like to be involved as early as possible in order to, and if possible collaborating with your materials supplier, to enumerate

your wishes and advise you to to realize eventually the best application.

Through our wide variety of available machine types and applicable technologies, We can properly respond to your type of product, your desired lay out and available floor space. Hereby we offer a variety of possibilities and a large degree of flexibility. Each question is carefully picked up and treated by our team unique. Please feel free to contact us.

V-Tech launches disinfection robots for the BeNeLux

V-Tech is introducing the BooCax disinfection robot technology for air treatment.

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V-Tech distributor for Harkom vertical filling & packaging machines

V-Tech new distributor for HARKOM vertical filling and packaging machines in the Benelux 

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V-Tech Lidder for buckets

New lidder for buckets put into use.

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New basic screwdenester

New compact basic screw denester, type VTSD-1D

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Tray denester - crates filling system for mushrooms and soft fruit.

VT60V 3x3 system; tray denester with crate transport - (de)stacking system.

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Servo drives for V-Tech

Use of Groschopp servo technology for V-Tech Line screw denesters

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