Vertical packaging machines (VFFS)

V-Tech; distributor of Harkom VFFS vertical bag packaging machines.


HARKOM; a growing player in the market for high-quality vertical filling & packaging machines with a friendly price level.

These vertical form-sealing machines distinguish themselves high reliability, efficiency and accuracy as well as operator friendly software and controls (if desired customer specific). In addition, easy to clean and quick format/product change. Execution of your choice in full stainless steel or lacquered.


We deliver with HARKOM vertical form-sealing machines, advanced packaging solutions and turnkey projects in different sizes, shapes and capacities for the following sectors.




The packaging and filling machines have a wide range of usage from chemistry to food, offers fast filling and packaging under hygienic standards. Of each model which is produced, the complete machine or only the surfaces which contacts the product can be made of stainless steel, so it is suitable for food packaging. In addition, long-lasting use is guaranteed against abrasive chemicals like salt and similar.

Products such as spices, instant soups, agricultural chemicals, detergents, legumes, salt, powdered sugar, chocolate, coffee, pasta, and nuts can be packed with the packaging and filling machine or can also be used for filling many other different products. The machines, which are controlled by the operators on the touch screen, are adapted accordingly to the area to be used and function as an important part of the production.



Control/software vertical filling machines:

HARKOM always strives to supply leading technological packaging machines and automation systems and do not want to use lower quality and cheap components on their machines. You can easily find all the necessary consumables of these machines all over the world. This makes you less dependent and us more reliable.

We also offer you flexibility in the choice of control components and software.

Think of; Siemens, Schneider, Omron, SMC, Yaskawa, Groschopp.


Today, packaging solutions are not limited to just semi-finished or unprocessed food. It expands into all kinds of ready-made foods such as dried fruits, french fries, confectionery, frozen products, vegetables, etc.

In various forma of bags:




Granule Packaging Machines

Gravimetric packaging machines for granule products




Volumetric Packaging Machines

Volumetric packaging machines for powder and granule products




We mainly split these packaging machines in 3 segments for each powder and granule products and devided into different models.


SA Series

BM Series

IM series

  • Semi automatic machines
  • Manually controlled
  • Usage of ready package
  • Lower investment
  • Preferable for start-ups or small business companies
  • Full automatic machines
  • Average speed 30-45 bags/min
  • Pneumatic system
  • Usage of film rolls
  • Remote access is optional
  • Easy format change without tools
  • Economical investment
  • Preferable for middle business companies 
  • Full automatic machines
  • Average speed 60-75 bags/min
  • Servo driven system
  • Usage of film rolls
  • Remote access for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Easy format change without tools
  • Optimum investment for middle or high capacity business companies



As a system integrator, we strive to take our place in the various industries to realize projects, advise and deliver turnkey solutions where necessary.


In short: ask about our possibilities for your product. 

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