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V-Tech works with you to develop a production line that answers to the requirements of your product and suits your company.
For developments or installation we work together with various partners in the area of topsealmachinery, portioning equipment, forming machinery, Pick&Place robotizing and multi head weighing machines. But also with suppliers of trays or cups, etc. All this gives you the assurance of an effective and efficient packaging line.

The specialists of V-Tech Line equipment offer you free advice on your packaging possibilities.
You discuss with experienced staff, which are known in the various industries and both have a long background in the food technology as a background in the field of engineering and process technology.

These professionals work with you throughout the process to your optimize your packaging systems and to deliver on time
V-Tech has the unique position to offer you various choices for packaging your Foods, consumer goods, medical- and industrial products. Based on our original technologies, we develop the optimal production line for your product.
Do think about: products for pets, electronics, household products, cleaners, desk articles, tools, building materials, industrial components and spare parts, fish food and sport fishery products.

Please therefore contact our V-Tech Line representatives and we help you further. 





V-Tech launches disinfection robots for the BeNeLux

V-Tech is introducing the BooCax disinfection robot technology for air treatment.

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V-Tech distributor for Harkom vertical filling & packaging machines

V-Tech new distributor for HARKOM vertical filling and packaging machines in the Benelux 

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V-Tech Lidder for buckets

New lidder for buckets put into use.

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New basic screwdenester

New compact basic screw denester, type VTSD-1D

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Tray denester - crates filling system for mushrooms and soft fruit.

VT60V 3x3 system; tray denester with crate transport - (de)stacking system.

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Servo drives for V-Tech

Use of Groschopp servo technology for V-Tech Line screw denesters

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