Process Equipment

V-Tech develops and manufactures food processing and packaging machines, transport systems and other supporting equipment for the food industry. In addition, we are of service in the field of process installations for low- to high viscous foods and healthcare products.

The V-Tech Line products are produced in-house in the Netherlands and we also work together with renowned partners to complement our portfolio. Execution mostly on customer specification. Together with you, we try to convert your recipes to process systems especially tailored to you. If needed, supported by testing in a pilot environment.


• Dissolve, disperse and emulsify
• Dosing and filling
• Wash
• Heat transfer and evaporation
• Aseptic and non-aseptic processing
• Cleaning In Place (CIP) and Sterilization In Place (SIP)
• Pumping and homogenizing







In collaboration with our partner, we offer the possibility to carry out product testing. Intended to demonstrate the benefits of the equipment and to provide support in product development. This can also take place at your location if desired.



• Dosing or filling/weighing
• Processes available for testing:
• Emulsify inline and batch
• Cooking and cooling in the kettle
• Vacuum cooking - cooling - concentrate


Additional operations can be arranged with our partners.


Processes & Product Examples
Ranging from:

  • Confectionery; Dissolving powders, cooking caramel to inline cooling of syrupy cream filling. (Caramel, crème patisserie, pastry cream, fat-based chocolate cream, ganache, glaze, marshmallow.)



  • Fruit; dissolving pectin, vacuum cooking of jam or aseptic production of fruit for yogurt. (Jam, marmalade, chutney, septic fruit for yogurt, high brix fruit concentrates, pie filling, applesauce, mashed potatoes.)



  • Sauces and dressings; traditional kettle cooked BBQ sauce to continuously produced mayonnaise or dressing, from low to high viscous and from smooth to thick products. (Mayonnaise, ketchup, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, gravy, cranberry sauce, salsa, hummus.)



  • Viscous dairy products; fermenting yogurt, mixing herbs in cream cheese to pasteurize concentrates (milk-whey). (Yogurt, vanilla, rice, tapioca pudding, Cream cheese, Melt cheese, ice cream mixture, milk protein concentrate (MPC), whey protein concentrate (WPC))



  • Meal components; Traditionally prepared, batch-made mashed potatoes to noodle soup with chicken or stir-fried ingredients. (Mashed potatoes, soup, baby food, meat, chili, stew, curry, roux – ragout)


  • Cleaning I; turnkey CIP systems with tuned cycle times, chemical concentrations, temperatures and liquid speeds in accordance with your specific cleaning requirements. Possibly equipped with an energy-saving feature that adjusts the active system size to the size of your object.


  • Cleaning II; after CIP cleaning, sterilization can take place with a SIP system. The production line is sterilized with steam of nutritional quality. Sterile barriers and regulated overpressure provide aseptic sterile conditions in the production line. Also for optimization of your current CIP-SIP systems.



Hygienic, easy-to-clean equipment for cutting, (gently) mixing, pumping, dissolving or controlled heat transfer is important in all these products.

These systems can be custom-made and equipped with different mixing technologies, vacuum control and heating & cooling options. The user-friendly operator interface includes recipe storage and data logging.

Deployable in HACCP, GMP+, BRC, IFS and ISO environments. Food Safety -> Sanitary/Hygienic Design and Construction, Stainless Steel 304/316, FDA approved plastics.



In addition, in our portfolio:


  • Tilting machines
  • Vegetable washer/dryer
  • Crate erecting machines
  • Process tanks (mixing, heating, cooling)
  • Storage tanks
  • Turntables
  • Packaging lines
  • Factory/workplace inventory
  • Format racks for storage of format/size kits for denesters and lidders
  • Turn Key Systems


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