Non Food

Constructions, conveyor systems and packaging machines find also their way to the (non food)industry. The new V-Tech Line packaging machines as tray filling systems, conveyor systems, denesters, lidders, process equipment and other supporting equipment are produced in the Netherlands.

By supplying various products, an excellent reputation with our (International) customers is build and through the additional product series of V-Tech Line packing machines, the company plays an important contribution in the performance of her customers.

From this position is V-Tech continuously developing and will our focus be placed on further enlargement of the packaging technology. Giving support to the continuous growth and efficiency improvement of the packaging industry.
It allows you as a customer to present your products with the highest quality and at competitive costs to the consumer.

V-Tech launches disinfection robots for the BeNeLux

V-Tech is introducing the BooCax disinfection robot technology for air treatment.

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V-Tech distributor for Harkom vertical filling & packaging machines

V-Tech new distributor for HARKOM vertical filling and packaging machines in the Benelux 

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V-Tech Lidder for buckets

New lidder for buckets put into use.

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New basic screwdenester

New compact basic screw denester, type VTSD-1D

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Tray denester - crates filling system for mushrooms and soft fruit.

VT60V 3x3 system; tray denester with crate transport - (de)stacking system.

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Servo drives for V-Tech

Use of Groschopp servo technology for V-Tech Line screw denesters

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