For some time now V-Tech Venture BV started to

develope and manufacture food processing and packaging machines, conveying systems and other support equipment for the food industry. The V-Tech Line products are produced in the Netherlands (Waddinxveen/Voorthuizen). These creative companies have built up an excellent reputation among its (international) customers. By doing so we have made a significant contribution to, and provided valuable support for, its customers’ performance.

From this position the organisation has continued to develop and is focusing on expanding its packaging technology activities. The idea is to provide support for, and give direction to, the continual growth and efficiency improvements in the food and packaging industry. This is allowing our customers to offer consumers products of the highest quality.

Key features of V-Tech Line equipment:

Technical innovation : The development of new products and applications through research into, and the use of, new technologies.
Optimal design : To ensure a high level of reliability and hygiene.
Functionality : The right capabilities tailor-made to the requested processes and products to be processed.
High-quality materials : Using the required materials for the sector and optimal resistance to corrosion and usage of components of from renowned manufacturers.
Man- machine interface : Modern operating systems, PC/PLC technology, operator interfaces and synchronisation/communication with existing in-line processing equipment.
Problem solving : Making sure that the right knowledge and skills are used for support and an adequate focus on finding solutions for the customer.
Optimal Safety : CE machine directive.
Food safety : Sanitary/hygienic design and construction methods.Usable in HACCP, BRC, IFS, GMP + and ISO environments.

Goal: Quality ! To be a high-quality and valued partner for our customers now and in the future!

V-Tech Venture offers the best value for money as regards maintenance or repair work on your existing installations or the manufacture of a completely new product. Many of our products are designed in our own engineering department.
This department has a reputation for being:


  • Innovative
  • Specialised
  • Cost-price aware
  • Ervaren
  • Experienced
  • Qualified


Additional Technologies

In addition to the aforementioned machines, we also provide process equipment, vertical form-fill-seal machines for bags, as well as weighing and/or dosing of products within production lines.


General specifications 
V-Tech Line equipments are suitable for deployment in various, high demanding environments !
Branches like: Cheese, Meat, Fish, Poultry, Fresh Produce, Bakery, Ready Made Meals, Candy, Chocolate, Salades, Pet Food, Non-Food.


Hygiene : Sanitary Construction for cleaning purposes. Food safety - Tray’s, cups or lids are denested outside pack No internal pollution for longer shelf life of the product ! Complies with EU regulation 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.
Materials : Suitable for various types of trays or cups; plastics, aluminium, foam (polystyrene) or cardboard.
Components : Use of internationally available components as Festo, Siemens, Omron, Ammaraal, Intralox, etc.
Pneumatics : Festo
Controls : Siemens (standard) or Omron. MMI by means of push buttons or touch screens.
Conveyor speeds : Frequency controlled or Servo driven/synchronised.
Execution : Standard stainless steel 304, pickled and pearl blasted finish. (Stainless steel 316L on request.) Stainless steel/Polycarbonate covers.
Quick change system : Continuously adjustable without tools or easy exchangeable by means of Format parts.
Interface : Various possibilities. Simple line integration in each line, from various sources such as; photo cells, potential-free contacts 24V, encoders, PC/PLCs, packaging machinery, end- or proximity switches. Communication possibly via bus systems.
Technique : Food Grade. CE safety. Usable in HACCP, GMP+, /BRC, ISO or IFS environments.
Food safety : Optional: Equipments executed with integrated UV-C disinfection Lighting. Reducing microbiological threads and increasing shelf life of fresh products. Resulting in higher product quality and maintaining production capacity.
Service : Our service engineers are well skilled, VCA trained and familiar with the standards and practices in the food industry.
Energie : 230/400 V – 50 Hz / 6-8 bar compressed air.



  • Robust and compact designs, easy operation, reliable, low maintenance, rigid construction, easy to clean, energy friendly.

    * All images are a combination of fiction (design) and reality (real technology).

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