"Your quality products produced and packaged by quality machines."


V-Tech Venture BV products are manufatured by a dynamic company, whose versatility allows it to be active on a variety of markets. First and foremost are we specialised in the construction and engineering of stainless steel proces and packaging equipment foor the food industry. The machines are also applicable in the Non-Food.


Hygienic packaging: Reduce risk of manual handling and use one of our automatic trays denesters, lid applicators or  productloaders with integrated UV-C disinfection light!


In the packaging lines we supply stainless steel

tray denesting machines, product loading and lidding equipment. You may think of different packaging variants as tray's, cups, mugs, buckets, blisters and tubs in various dimensions. The V-Tech Line machines are suitable for various packing materials like plastic, aluminum and cardboard. Both in transparent and/or as colored or printed packagings. The equipment is suitable for quick efficient mass production as well as more small-scale production and luxury product variants.
In addition we deliver accompanying conveyor systems and handling equipment, tailored to your product and your logistic needs.
The equipment is characterized by ruggedness, reliability and flexibility.
Well known foods that could be packed are:


  • Meat, fish and chicken; meatballs, minced meat, burgers, chops and other carved or shaped products. Marinated or not.
  • Dairy; melted cheese, sliced cheese, cheese chunks, Fèta, etc.
  • Fresh produce & Fruit and Sweets; roasted onions, tomatoes, olives, dried products, mixtures of vegetables in oil, sweets whether or not wrapped.
  • Bakery: cakes, cookies, quiches, etc.  


V-Tech Venture BV also provides services like support in maintenance, all manner of small-scale products and even the design and turnkey completion of entire installations. Our flexible organisation and short lines of communication allow us to guarantee short delivery times and a high degree delivery reliability.




In relation to sustainability and energy efficiency we have both the knowledge and experience support you and make your company ready for the future. Our services ranges from advice, construction, delivery and installation as well as applying for grants, licenses and financing.


Our packaging machines and process equipment which are now being produced in a sustainable factory and can handle biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging.



The V-Tech Venture BV approach is known for: 

  • The quality and high-grade finishing of its products.
  • A high level of involvement with its customers.
  • Knowledge and skills as regards the various processes and a focus on solutions.
  • Integrity and a result-oriented attitude.
  • Rapid delivery times for competitive prices.




With the V-Tech Line products we hope to meet the increasing demand of customers towards high performance systems which can also fit into existing production Lines. The machines are complementary to the new generation production lines of food processing-and packagingmachinery of renowned manufacturers.


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