Sustainable solutions for the food processing industry




V-TECH Venture BV is specialised in the construction and engineering of stainless steel process and packaging equipment for the food processing and packaging industry. In relation to sustainability and energy efficiency we have both the knowledge and experience to support you to make your company ready for the future!  Our services ranges from advice, construction, delivery and installation of equipment and energy saving systems as well as applying for subsidies, permits and financing. 



Sustainability = A social responsibility and save money while doing so !




Sustainable business

-   Yields direct cost saving

-   Ensures continuity for your company
-   Contributes to the social developments
-   Meets governmental objectives and obligations




We take care of

-   Consulting in the field of energy, such as feasibility studies, energy audits and lighting plans.
-   Energy saving in your production hall through clever alterations and c
ustom engineering,

     so your staff is less burdened and production efficiency is achieved.

-   Solar energy integration through design, supply and installation of your solar power system.

-   LED lighting in your company in order to realize immediate savings.
-   Applications (unburden you) in terms of subsidies, licenses, scenarios,
technical possibilities and

     funding if needed.

-   Packaging machines and process equipment which are now being produced in a sustainable

     factory and can handle biodegradable and/or recyclable packagings.

-   Circular mechanical engineering where your old machines may still be re-used, refurbished and

     have their obsolete parts are renewed. Resulting in a high productivity and efficiency and therefore

     optimum operating results and maximum return on your investment.



Where it’s all about
Allow yourself a moment of reflection on your factory. Are you still heating with gas ? Do you have standard TL lighting ?
We can advise you and design an complete energy concept for your company, covering the energy consumption of your machinery, lighting and climate control.



Take advantage of the subsidies that are available and make a great step towards a CO2 neutral production. Our solar integration service is at your disposal, to guide you personally and professionally through the licensing and grant procedures as well as the technical mazes of solar technology.





Why ?
We care and therefore we want to share our technical know-how and personal experience to contribute to the effectiveness and sustainability of our customers.









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